creation is the most natural and inspired part of human existence. 

About the artist

Working in an abstracted, gestural style, Allison's work is both etherial and organic. She draws inspiration from the environment of her home state of Oklahoma to create a composition revolving around an unforgettable moment or complex emotion. In addition to making original abstract paintings, she also works with clients to create custom work. Her studio is at The Hive, located on historic Main Street in Jenks, Oklahoma. This new project from the Jenks Chamber of Commerce is making art accessible to the community in a new and exciting way. As an artist in residence, she will have an annual show in the gallery space and will also create curriculum for workshops geared toward educating the community. Check the ABOUT page for workshops that are available now!


The Hive is a 6,000-square-foot arts facility and event space located in historic downtown Jenks. The space features room for two to four artists in residence, and more than 3,000 square feet of event and gallery space. Allison is lucky enough to have studio space at this incredible new addition to this thriving community. The Hive was built to provide a creative outlet right here in Jenks for all the talented individuals in our community – whether they live here, work here, or just love to visit. To learn more about upcoming shows and events, please visit their website


"My work comes out of me in a very organic way with the intention of creating a visual story. I want people to engage in my art through their own experiences, but I mostly want the work to be enjoyed. My palate is soft and the transitions in my work are both subtle and rigid, often inspired by Oklahoma weather and regional landscapes. I incorporate a variety of media into my paintings and usually add oil pastels and graphite towards the end of the process. Overall composition is determined by the relationship of positive and negative space, which evolves through the intuitive placement of color. I don't consider my work to be complicated, but it is incredibly personal as it is an honest documentation of my perception of the world."  -allison keim

​visual artist focused on abstract fine art.