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"For my first show at The Hive, I wanted to produce a series of work to introduce myself to the community - a sort of visual definition - paired with paintings inspired by some of the people that call Jenks home. Each painting is focused on something concrete- a house, an urban legend, a loved one - and they are all an attempt to show how I arrive at a complete, balanced composition. I have always been proud of my home, whether is was a tiny studio apartment in a college town or a cozy adobe bungalow in my hometown, and I knew most people could relate to that. Really, this is an examination of how and why I landed in Jenks, Oklahoma, and how I made this house my home." 

allison keim


PLEASE JOIN US at The Hive in Jenks on Thursday, June 1st for the first look at a collection of new work from resident artist Allison Keim that is both educational and allusive, figurative and abstract. This series explores the places that shape a person, specifically how the structure of a house can become the emotional attachment that we fondly refer to as home. Each painting tells a story that illustrates the memories and histories of the artist, her friends and family, and also some incredible people from the community in which she lives and works. Each abstract painting is accompanied by photographs and a narrative that demonstrate the winding road of research that inspired the visual emotional representation of home. 

creation is the most natural and inspired part of human existence. 

new work from allison keim

opening reception @ ​the hive in jenks | june 1. 2017 | 6pm - 8pm

exploring abstraction

exploring abstraction

​visual artist focused on abstract, custom, and original fine art.